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Will the app be updated in the future?

Can i become a Distributor?

What does Dragy do?

What is the difference between the Dragy DRG70 & DRG70-C?


Which operating systems work with the Dragy App?

Do i need to plug it in via OBD?

Can I add Custom Measurements to my Dragy?

What do the lights mean on my Dragy?

How to reset my Dragy?

Where do I mount my Dragy?

Why am I getting error code: Unidentified Fault (10868) when I try to use video feature?

Can I use Dragy App with Apple Carplay or Android Auto?

Can I export data to csv or similar?

Why will my Dragy not connect?

Shipping & Returns

What about the warranty?

Where do you ship from?